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specification: 2 piece
functions:Blocking AbsorptionAnti-water RetenionDetoxBody


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product name: SAYA CLEAN UP II Cut Fat Element (one extra FREE!) (2piece) item no.: 104096004001 brand: SAYA
function: Blocking AbsorptionAnti-water RetenionDetoxBody category: Slimming Food product size: 2 piece
country of origin: Hong Kong



CLEAN UP II Cut Fat Element composes of high quality ingredients and employs state of technology. This unique product is made from 100% natural ingredients. It is safe and reliable. Just 2 minutes, CLEAN UP II can prevent any fat absorption, enhance the metabolism, promote fat burning, and facilitate the excretion of excessive fat, waste and poisonous substances. The ultimate result you get is a well-balanced and slim shaped figure.

Very often, intake of unwanted fat will lead to obesity. CLEAN UP II can help to prevent fat from being absorbed. It enables you to stay slim in an effective way.

The four unique EFFECTS of CLEAN UP

1)Fat Absorbency

CLEAN UP II can formulate a protective screen on your digestive organs. The fat will be captured by the screen and then turn it into gel. Ultimately, the indigestible gel will be discharge from your body. Each unit of CLEAN UP II could absorb 50 times of fat, which can avoid accumulation of fat.

2) Fat Burning

CLEAN UP II can transform and mobilize the already-stored fat into stamina and strength. The most obvious advantage is to speed up the burning of fat and discharge surplus fat from the body.


Many processed foods contain a large amount of salt (sodium). Too much amount of sodium can retain water inside body and thus causing edematous obesity. CLEAN UP II can help in releasing unnecessary water and salt held in your body and return to normal weight.

4) Discharge poisonous substances
CLEAN UP II is natural fiber. It can intensify the movement of intestine and relief constipation. By eliminating the toxic substances and residues in your body, a healthy and slim figure can be achieved.

how to use

Take 1 tablet with 1 glass of warm water before 2 minutes of each meal everyday. Suggested dosage: 3 times for each day.

1. This product is not a pharmaceutical product. The effect may be distinct from a variety of individual physique.
2. Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women, chronic patients and people on regular medication.
3. The effect can be easily seen while adequate exercise and low calories diet is applied in your daily life.
4. Please stop take this product when you have a cold. You may take it after restoration from sickness again.
5. Not suitable for person who is sensitive to Carapace.


Element of Carapace, natural fiber

country of origin

Hong Kong